April 6, 2014

Weekly Stills: Week #7 (31st March-6th April 2014)

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We had our first outing as a family, the three of us. I have to say, I was beyond overjoyed to be able to dress up and eat out again, for it has been far too long. At least that's how it felt for me. It wasn't much of a dress up anyway, but it sure was something after all the days I spent indoors in my jammies. This marked the first time I attempted getting ready to go out as a mother and I took a bit of time deciding if I have packed all the essentials in my handbag. So there were the fresh diapers, the pack of baby wipes, a muslin cloth, a nursing cover, extra breast pads, an extra pair of baby onesie - hm what else? Yes, it took forever.

Alas, it was a beautiful lunch out at a nearby Chili's and it ended just in time for Orked's next feeding time. But not exactly towards home. I nursed Orked in the car and we thought we probably could use a little bit more time outside with her in the fresh air. So that's where we headed for - a park.

And a beautiful day, it was.

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